Life can take unexpected turns which cause us to experience challenges. We all go through difficulties which we often secretly struggle with and try to appear like we have it all worked out. Some of us wear masks which cover up rejection , disappointment and fears that we feel on the inside.Freedom 2016

Freedom 2016This evening and day conference is for anyone who wants to live in freedom . To be free from shame , displacement, separation from family , past hurts, unforgiveness,negative words spoken over your life and many other issues.

This is a Conference for Women from all backgrounds , ages and denominations.

Its going to be Life Changing , Life defining and Empowering .

Let Go of all the Baggage and Live in Freedom.

The conference fee includes all refreshments and lunch on Saturday .

Our venue has free parking .

There are a range of affordable hotels inthe local area


Download the 2016 Freedom Conference Brochure Here